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How will my company benefit from using Smodè Publications?

A huge percentage of our business come from working with SME organisations whom are looking to achieve faster success results. We provide entreprenuers and business owners the opportunity to choose a package which best suits business needs. From publishing, consulting, sponsorships, revenue generation with advertorial campaigns, all the way through to the full design process. Using our business services allows you the flexiblity you need to focus on what matters most. By having the heavy lifting done for you during the early stages of your business project, gives you the ability to evolve and put energy into creating more unique ideas for successful business development.

How can Smodè Publications generate greater brand awareness for my brand or business?

Smodè Publications are dedicated in helping our clients achieve greater brand awareness by working with you to establish what areas of your business needs more attention. We will come up with strategies to help you manifest your goals by using structured plans and services. There are many startegies we use to drive in greater brand awareness for our clients, such as; Media Presentations: we can plan, design, and create a bespoke media kit with your business highlighted features, this will enable you to showcase on social media for greater busness attraction, use our media kits to pitch reputable organisations and secure brand deals, sponsorships, partnerships, or collaborations. Publishing: we work with authors, brands, international organisations and charities who are looking to increase online traffic and greater breand awareness by using our media outlets to publish, proof-read, edit, write stories, create compelling content, and poduce design strategies that will drive in the relevant attraction from our clients targeted audience. Advertising: we have published over 300 designer brands, and 1,000+ models, photographers, fashion designers, industry experts, businesses, and artists worldwide. We help our clients plan their campaigns from start to finish by designing bespoke adverts. Our wide-range of advertorial services are created to suit the advertising needs of the client and what you are looking to achieve as an end result. Whether that means running an ad campaign across various social media platforms, or publishing an ad in our digital and/or print magazine, or simply craeting an affliate marketing advert kit for our clients. Choose your bespoke plan from our services page today and start driving in the results that you are looking for.


What are the advantages of using Smodè Publications as my publisher?

A member of our team of professionals will be assigned to proof-read, format, design covers, and market your content which will help bring your content to life. Save money on book publishing, using our publishing service as we do not charge any up front fees or hidden costs to publish our authors novels. We don't just stop at publishing, we will work with you to plan the right royalty plan so that you can start earning commission from your books, and we will also help you secure distribution deals to your novels shelved in major bookstores. Having Smodè Publications publish your content will allow you to more time to work on writing top-notch content for your new novel.

What are royalty payments?

The use of royalty payments is where the original owner of content chooses to give his/her manuscripts to a publisher, in exchange for royalty payouts from the future revenues the novel may generate. For example, an author is paid royalties from the publisher for the use and distrubtion of their novel. Royalty payments are calculated as a percentage of the gross or net revenues obtained in sales made from the authors novel in distribution. Royalty payments works as a commission based structure generated by the publisher.

When will I receive my royalty payment?

Payouts are made by the publisher to the author at an agreed, negotiated rate when revenue is generated on book sales. Authors receive Royalties payments due on Paperback, Hardcopy, or Digital eBook sales every month approximately 60 days following the end of the calendar month during which the sales were made through the standard Smodè distribution channels and approximately 90 days after the end of the calendar month during which the sales were made through Expanded Distribution channels dependant upon contractual agreement. Some royalty payments are made based on the net revenues, in which case payments are due every six months. Calculation: Royalty Rate x List Price – Printing Costs = Royalty Example: £0.60 x £9.99) - £4.45 = £1.54

How can I successfully submit my manuscript for publishing?

Thousands of authors are rejected by publishers daily due to the fact that many writers lack the knowledge of what publishers are looking for when considering publishing a new novel. Here are some questions we ask authors before we consider approving any submissions for publishing: 1) Who Are The Audiences For Your Book? 2) What Is The Aim For Your Book? 3) What Will Your Readers Learn? 4) Why Should People Read Your Book? 5) What Are Your Readers Demographics? 6) What Is The Target Market For Your Book? 7) How Are You Going To Help People Through Your Writing? 8) What Makes Your Book Unique? 9) Is Your Book A Series? 10) How Many Books Have You Written? It is important for authors to be able to answer these questions without hesitation. This will help you with your writing and give us an understanding about you as an author and your goals.


How do I submit my editorials, a pitch or story for publishing?

We work with targeted, relevant, concise information, press releases and stories for global organisations in business, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries. To submit a story, editorials, or to pitch an idea to us, please introduce yourself to us with an up-to-date cv, writing samples and story ideas. Apply via www.smodepublications.co.uk/submissions We will notify you as soon as possible, if your ideas fit any stories we are working on.

How do I get In touch with a specific Journalist, Editor, or team member?

If you are looking to get in touch with a specific member of our team, you can directly contact each team member at www.smodemagazine.co.uk/about us page. When contacting us please introduce yourself with accurate contact information. The specific member of staff will get back to you within 48 hours with further information to answer your query.


Where is my items?

​Orders can be tracked on our 'Track Orders' page or by using the contact form below. *You MUST add your Order Number in the Subject for a faster response* The processing time for all orders is within 24-72 hours. After your order has been shipped, delivery time within the United Kingdom is 3-5 working days and 7-30 working days for international orders. Please note that delivery times may vary during international holidays, "world pandemics", or on limited edition items.

What if my items arrived damaged?

Smodè distribustions team take handling very serious therefore, we impelement health and saftey measures and special handling techniques when preparing and packaging an order. All items that are shipped to customers from our stores or distrubtions centers are thoroughly checked for any damages. Smodè Publications are not responsible for any delivery items that may be affected in air and ground transits, by customs, natural delays, or any extra fees, once the package has been shipped from the United Kingdom.

Can items be shipped to my country?

Smodè Publications ships to most countries worldwide via Royalmail for all domestic packages and Parcelforce for all international packages. At the store checkout you will be prompt to add your location by using the first line of your address or zip/postal code before the payments method, here we use an automatic map generator that will allow you to select your address from the dropdown menu.

What are the rates for shipping and handling?

£2.95 is our flat rate for UK standard domestic handling and £4.57 is the flat rate for the rest of the world domestic handling. FREE worldwide shipping on orders over £20*

What should I do if I am experiencing technical difficulties at checkout?

If you're having difficulties ordering items from our stores, we advise you to first check your bank as there may be an issue with your bank account. If you're 100% sure that the issue is not with your bank provider then, It may be a technical issue on our end. If this is the case please contact us immediately using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a fast soultion to fix the problem.

What is the best shipping method to use for my order?

We advise our customers to use the 'Track & Sign' shipping method at the checkout. This enables both the customer and distrubtions to easily track and trace items and locate it in transit. Once your items is ready to be delivered you will be asked to sign for your order by your local, postal carrier.

I missed my delivery, what should I do?

If you miss your postal order on the day of delivery, you can collect it from your local Post Office branch instead. (There’s no extra charge to pick it up) Here's what you should do: Pick a Post Office Collect from any of 10,000 Local Collect Post Office branches. Around 8,000 are open longer hours, including 9am – 5:30pm on Saturdays. And over 4,000 open on Sundays. Bring proof of ID Picked a branch to collect your parcel from? Just bring some proof of identity for the person it’s addressed to and a copy of the tracking ID. To collect a parcel from any Post Office, you’ll need some proof of identity. It could be a full driving licence, passport or any of the list below. Just make sure it’s the original (not a copy) and for the person the parcel’s addressed to. ID acceptance: • Birth certificate
• Building society book
• Cheque book
• Cheque guarantee card
• Council tax payment book
• Credit card
• Credit card statement (no older than 6 months)
• Debit card
• Full driving licence
• Marriage certificate
• Military photo ID
• Police Warrant Card
• Foreign national identity card
• National Savings bank book
• Valid passport
• Paid utilities bill (no older than 6 months)
• Standard acknowledgement letter (SAL) issued by the Home Office for asylum seekers
• Trade union card If you’re under the age of 18 and can’t provide any of the above, you may use one of the following too (originals, not copies):
• Medical card
• National Insurance card
• Savings book

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